What Will Happen If The World War III Occur?

What Will Happen

What Will Happen If The World War III Occur?

What Will Happen

What Will Happen If The World War III Occur?. Recently, there have been issues that say that World War 3 will occur. This is due to the tension between the United States and Iran which of course worries many people around the world. These two sides could have the potential for a war that many people don’t want to have. Because as we know, there is no positive impact arising from war. Especially after we know what happened after World War 1 and 2 happened. After reading this, of course you will be increasingly aware of the dangers that are in front of your eyes if World War 3 occurs. What are the negative effects of World War 3? The following is the explanation.

The Use of Nuclear Weapons During War

Of course our memories of the two bombs that fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki still remain in our heads. At the end of World War 2 it was a downfall of Japan because the nuclear bombs dropped by the United States on 2 major cities in Japan completely destroyed the whole country.The use of this bomb could have continued if World War 3 occurred because of the pressure to develop nuclear weapons from several countries such as France, the US, the Soviet Union and China. If a nuclear war occurs, the victims incurred will be 10 times more than the victims of ordinary military war.

Innocent Civilians Become Victims

The existence of victims in world wars is a sure thing. Every country that is at war has to give up casualties because war is not just about fighting for military power. If war occurs, there will also be a risk when innocent civilians, from young children to the elderly, become victims, even though they just want to live in peace without division. This risk is always there, although until recently, war was often propagated as the only way to find peace.

The Destruction of Half of the Human Population in The World

It is still related to the second impact if World War 3 occurs. It is still clear that World War 1 claimed more than 38 million lives. Then a heartbreaking thing happened because in World War 2, 60 million people had to die as victims. Now let’s imagine what would happen if World War 3 happened using nuclear weapons. The impact that occurs is increasingly dangerous. More than half of the world’s population is expected to die from the effects of war.

Unstable World

The United States, as the victor in the second world war, has a very big role to play in the situation of the world. It can be said that the stability of the world is influenced by the stability of this country. However, if World War 3 occurs, of course the stability of this country will be shaken too. So whether we want it or not, we must try so that no more wars occur.

Prolonged Misery

If a war broke out, there was nothing nice about it. Cries, pain, the destruction of homes, buildings and other facilities, explosions and gunshots, to the collapse of the economy, none of these bring happiness.There will always be misery left. Not to mention the sense of revenge that arises from the party who was injured, this makes world war not something that deserves to be a joke. War will only cause endless grudges and misery. For this reason, people should realize that war is not the way out. We have to stop feeding the ego or we will die being eaten by our own ego.

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