US-Iran Conflict as the Sign of World War 3

US-Iran Conflict as the Sign of World War 3

US-Iran Conflict as the Sign of World War 3. The world suddenly became tense after an airstrike through a drone belonging to the United States (US) killed the Leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Quds Force, General Qassem Soleimani, at Baghdad Airport, Iraq. The incident made US-Iran relations heated up again. Some parties link the situation as a sign of World War III. Is that right?

The Reason Behind The Attack Between The US and Iran

US-Iran Conflict as the Sign of World War 3
The Reason Behind The Attack Between The US and Iran

Based on the information, the reason behind the US attack is none other than to dispel attacks by Iranian troops which are considered endangering US troops and interests in the Middle East.

The Pentagon suspects Qassem and a number of Iranian military officials are plotting evil attacks to attack US diplomats and military in the Middle East. To that end, the US President, Donald Trump, said he was preventing this action through attacks first.

In addition to General Qassem Soleimani, 6 other people were also killed in the attack, including Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis who was deputy commander of the pro-Iranian militia group in Iraq called the PMF.

The Great Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei strongly condemned the brutal US action that killed the Iranian high-ranking officer. Khamenei said it would not remain silent over US depraved actions. Iran will get revenge.

Donald Trump Also Issued A Statement Responding To Iran’s Attitude, That The US Would Not Be Silent If Iran Returned To Attack

US-Iran Conflict as the Sign of World War 3
Donald Trump

The US-Iran conflict has re-emerged after a long period of ups and downs. Previously, the US-Iran was on the brink of war because the US Global Hawk unmanned reconnaissance aircraft was shot down in the Strait of Hormuz which separates Iranian land and the Arabian peninsula on June 20, 2019.

For the incident, the two sides were involved in a quarrel and blamed each other. The US claims the shooting action was groundless because the aircraft’s position was still in the international zone. Meanwhile, Iran said Global Hawk had entered Iranian territory and was legal to be toppled.

That way, the latest incident that helped kill the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Forces. Qassem can be read as a continuation of the previous US-Iran conflict. Interestingly, this event received a lot of responses from the world community. Where most of these phenomena relate as a sign of World War III.

Does the US-Iran Conflict Signify World War III?

US-Iran Conflict as the Sign of World War 3
US-Iran Conflict

In the aftermath of the killing of General Qassem that sparked Iran-US tensions. The world community later linked this event as the beginning of World War III. Only two days after the incident, (social) media around the world were flooded with hashtags and discourses about the emergence of Third World War / World War III / WWIII.

Even so, calling the US-Iran tensions a sign of the outbreak of World War III is a rash argument. Because the Iran-US conflict is a very small potential to say there will be a violent clash. Especially until there was World War III.

So far, many hypotheses have emerged that predict the possibility or sign of World War III. The world’s most feared war at least took place on a global scale which included a Nuclear War marked by the emergence of biological weapons and chemical weapons.  US-Iran Conflict as the Sign of World War 3.

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