Things You Should Know About The World War II

history of world war II

The World War II is never forgotten. It is the most impactful war in history. It also influences how the world is working today. Political policies, military empowerment, as well as ideologies were involved in World War II. There are unforgettable facts revolves around World War II which worth to remember.

history of world war II
history of world war II

The history of how the World War II started might have been known by every single person in the world. There are painful facts as well as interesting facts about the war though. Here are some interesting facts about World War II you might want to know about:

  • It is not secret that World War II is recorded as the most destructive war in history. The scale is on another level and nothing can compared to it. Not only did it took huge expense, but it also caused destruction in larger scale which caused some changes in various departments at compared to other wars in history.
  • The majority of deaths were the Soviet Union. The total number of deaths during World War II was estimated around 60 millions all around the world. And 21 millions of them were from The Soviet Union side. About 1.5 million children died during the holocaust as well. About 80% of men born in 1923 also died throughout the war.
  • Throughout 1939 to 1945, more than 3.4 million tons of bombs were dropped by the Allied. So, it could be counted that the average bombs dropped each month was around 27.7 thousand tons.
history of world war II
history of world war II
  • Throughout the World War II, Germany only did declared war to the United States officially once. The rest, they just invaded and attacked other countries without declaration beforehand. Throughout the war, there were various war crimes committed which resulted in deaths of many civilians.
  • There were various battles happened during World War II. One of the most known was Battle at Stalingrad. It was a battle between Germany and The Soviet Union in 1942-1943. It was the biggest battle during World War II which caused 800 thousand to 1.6 million deaths. Not only was it the biggest battle, but it was also the turning point of World War II in Europe.
  • Aside from the biggest battle, there was also the longest battle in the history of World War II. It was the Battle of the Atlantic. It happened for about six years which was started from 1939 to 1945.

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